Parish Contact Information


4773 Church Rd, Morris, IN 47033
Office Phone: 812 - 934 - 6218
Office Hours: Tuesday: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
        Wednesday: 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
        Friday: 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM

P.O. Box #3 Morris, IN 47033





Location Contact Number E-Mail Address
St. Anthony Office 812-934-6218
Pre-School/Day Care 812-934-2789




People and Councils

Council Name Contact Number E-Mail Address
RCIA Fr. Shaun Whittington 317-750-0647
Religious Education Margarita Case 812-934-3960
Education Commision Alicia Prickel 317-374-5399
Stewardship Commision Angela Kinker 812-212-4320 N/A
Discipleship Commission Julie Brown 812-623-0463 N/A
Parish Council Jackie Huber 812-212-4911 N/A
Finance Council Jared Prickel 812-212-3455
Liturgy Committee
   -Altar Server Fr. Shaun 317-750-0647
   -Church Decorations Diane Dierckman 812-623-3153 N/A
   -Extraordinary Ministers Julie Tekulve 812-934-6218 N/A
   -Lectors Julie Tekulve 812-934-6218 N/A
   -Sacristans Marian Ahern 516-616-0575 N/A
   -Men's Choir Jake Doll 812-934-6420 N/A
   -People's Choir Mike Fritsch 812-933-0422 N/A
   -Youth Choir Tonya Hudepohl 812-932-1562 N/A
Baptism Prep Dave and Jennifer Raab 812-933-1537 N/A
Bingo Dave Record 812-934-5647 N/A
Card Party Marie Stenz 812-623-4256 N/A
   -Julie Brown 812-933-0956 N/A
Cemetery Dan Wallpe 812-871-4923 N/A
CYO Vollyball Kathy Hartman 812-933-1577 N/A
CYO Softball Eric Hudepohl Jr. 812-363-3729 N/A
CYO Basketball Vacant N/A N/A
Facilities Committee Doug Hartman 513-532-5208 N/A
Food Pantry Tonya Hudepohl 812-932-1562 N/A
   -Andrea Hartman 812-932-9952 N/A
Funeral Luncheon Joan Eckstein 812-934-3957 N/A
   Diane Dierckman 812-623-3153 N/A
Haiti Ministry Joe Rennekamp 812-623-2654 N/A
Homebound Ministers Amy Prickel 812-212-2338 N/A
   -Betty Federle 812-934-3450 N/A
Ladies Sodality Angela Kinker 812-212-4320 N/A
Marriage Prep Fr. Shaun Whittington 317-750-0647 N/A
   Diane Horner 765-647-6597 N/A
   -Sponsor Couple Roberta and Ken Weisenbach 812-934-5387 N/A
Nursing Home Bingo Joan Eckstein 812-934-3957 N/A
Preschool/Day Care Abby Thome 513-646-9526 N/A
Quilting Circle Jean Meer 812-934-2690 N/A
Youth Group Parish Office 812-934-6218 N/A

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