Faith Formation


G.I.F.T. Night (Growing In Faith Together)

G.I.F.T. Night is an evening of fellowship and formation for parishioners of all ages where personal relationships with Christ are nurtured and more deeply developed. It is an apprenticeship centered upon prayer, liturgical events of church life, and the sacraments.
G.I.F.T. Night offers faith formation opportunities for all ages reminding us that we do not “graduate” from faith formation, but rather embrace and participate in it through a lifelong journey of growing in knowledge, faith, and love of our Lord.
Parishioners of all ages are invited to attend our G.I.F.T. each Wednesday evening (mid-September thru April) on the St. Anthony Campus from 6:45 to 8:00PM. See our brochure for additional information.

Through personal encounters of the risen Christ all will come to know Him and make Him known.
To offer a peaceful and welcoming oasis where opportunities abound for all members of our communities to share and study the living Word of God and have their hearts moved and their minds enlightened in a deeper understanding of the love of Christ.

For information or to register for our G.I.F.T. Night Apprenticeship or to offer your services as a volunteer catechist or mentor, contact the Director of Religious Education at or look at the documents below.



Catechesis of the Good Shepherd
Catechesis of the Good Shepherd emphasizes quiet contemplation and "the enjoyment of God." The children hear Bible stories and watch them acted out with simple materials; they learn songs and prayers, and are encouraged to play quietly with simple and meaningful objects. Children learn about and become alert to the details of the liturgy: the significance of color, the names and purposes of the various vessels and tools on the altar. Learn more at


Encountering Christ
Our St. Nicholas/St. Anthony Elementary Faith Formation apprenticeship aims at helping parents assist their children in growing in their Catholic Faith and personally encountering the person of Jesus Christ. Our catechists work and serve to allow our youth to experience Christ though their personal witness of discipleship and through encouragement of faith sharing in a small group setting. Our central focus is Christ and His message as given in the Sunday Gospel. The standards and curriculum set forth by the Archdiocese of Indianapolis are incorporated into lessons which include a living participation as the children are challenged with a weekly "Call to Action". We strongly support the Archdiocesan Mission Statement of Lifelong Faith Formation which calls for a program that transmits Catholic beliefs, traditions and values; and fosters the development of a living, conscience and active faith. In our Catholic tradition, faith is formed primarily in the family and is supported by the parish community. Our program includes sacramental preparation for First Holy Communion and First Reconciliation in the second grade. We gather with our children in grades three through five on the St. Anthony Campus on Wednesday evenings within our G.I.F.T. Night setting.   


A YDisciple Apprenticeship
Our YDisciple Apprenticeship aims at helping parents assist their children in growing in their Catholic Faith.  Special emphasis is given to deepening their personal relationship with Jesus Christ and helping our youth to become true, active disciples. The adult mentors facilitating the apprenticeship guide and direct our youth in grades six through twelve on their journey of discipleship with the catechetical video support of YDisciple from the Augustine Institute.   Our small discipleship groups consist of youth from St. Anthony, St. Louis, St. Nicholas and other various parishes in our Batesville Deanery. We meet on Wednesday evenings on the St. Anthony Campus within our G.I.F.T. Night setting. 


Our Young Adult (post High School) and Adult apprenticeship offers an opportunity for intellectual growth in a deeper understanding of our rich Catholic faith but more importantly encourages a maturing in our prayer life and personal relationship with Christ. Instruction is offered through lessons presented by Fr. Whittington, programming from, and other resources.

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